Smart E-Tickets

Free events

Paid events

Ticket Rate: USD 0.30 + 5.4% of the Transaction Value
Rate x payment gateway: USD 0.30 + 5.4% of the Transaction Value

Smart E-tickets is an electronic ticket service with attendance control for paid or free events. Through Smart E-tickets you can distribute the tickets for your event via Web, and offer payment methods via Mercadopago and PayPal.

At the time of admission to the event, the assistant can present the Smart E-ticket printed or digital and a QR code will be scanned to validate access, arrival and payment status.

Smart is the easiest way to digitize the ticket sales process, attendance control and access to your event, seminar, concert, or convention. It can be adapted to any business, both for mass events such as concerts or for private events such as those carried out by companies or schools.

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